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From its foundation Bayncore is involved at different levels in Research & Development

We think this is essential for keeping ourselves at the forefront of technology and knowledge.

Bayncore Labs is in charge of:

  • Partnering with the Industry for Research & Development Projects
  • Partnering with Universities Research Departments and Computer Laboratories for Research and Education
  • Partnering with Public, Governmental Research in Research Projects
  • Publishing Technical and Scientific documents

By partnering with diverse entities for research (Universities, Government, Industry) we leverage our capabilities and will be regularly in position to publish technical and scientific documents.

One of our first Project has started with the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge under supervision of Dr Andrew Rice (UoC) and Dr John Appleyard (co-founder of Bayncore).

Bayncore is a founding member of the MaRIONet Project

The Manycore Research, Innovation and Opportunities Network is funded by EPSRC throughout 2016-19. Our aim is to enhance the capability of the UK manycore research community through focused engagement of academic and industrial researchers.

Many other ones are in preparation with different partners in UK and Europe.

Bayncore Labs will make accessible a lot of documents and publications of various nature and sources relevant to our field.

We will soon propose to register to our content databases to help Organisations to access a lot of specialised content relevant to HPC, Technical Computing, Big Data and Programming.



If you want to discuss a Research Project with us, contact Bayncore Labs 

All projects in Research and Developments will be discussed under Non Disclosure Agreement. Bayncore Legal service will be pleased to review the terms of NDAs.