Maximising the Return On Investment on technology

From the analysis of legacy code and architectures to the redefinition of modelling problems, and the streamlining of technical architectures, Bayncore can accommodate all your customer needs to get maximum value out of your existing technology infrastructure.

Leveraging our unique expertise in High Performance technology enables Bayncore to deliver the following key benefits to clients


  • Performance and accuracy – enhancing the speed of execution of code,

  • Scaling – dealing with larger data sets and executing more precise calculations,

  • Insight – teasing out trends and patterns from complex and diverse data sets to derive customer value, and competitive advantage in the customer market place. This enables the customer to get more for less technology investment.


Supporting all this value Bayncore staff have deep understanding of the following areas


    •    Intel Hardware design,
    •    Computer simulation tools and techniques,
    •    Modelling methodologies,
    •    Algorithm design,
    •    Machine Learning,
    •    Operations research and logistics,
    •    Computational physics techniques.


In combination these analytical techniques and hardware optimisations enable derivation of the greatest customer insight and value from data stored within existing computer systems.


Architecture & Systems.

HPC Life Cycle.

Porting Legacy.

Code & Performance.