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Bayncore Limited is a Consulting and IT services firm specialised in providing a platform of high tech solutions for HPC, Technical Computing and Big Data.

Bayncore is based in London and Cambridge in the United Kingdom and is covering the EMEA territories.

Bayncore’s offers, mostly tailor-made for each client, are structured around 4 lines of services:

  • Platform of High Tech IT Services & Consulting
  • Training
  • Benchmarking
  • Research & Development

Bayncore is a Partner of:

  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • IT4 Innovation
  • Computer Laboratory – University of Cambridge (UK)

Bayncore’s Experts and Consultants are well recognised, some of them bringing an international reputation for more than 20 years.
Others were previously working with key industry suppliers in the development of new generations of processors, with research laboratories or industry engineering departments focusing on HPC Clusters, Computer Simulations, Algorithm Development and Modelling, Refactoring of Code and Code Modernisation among other things.

Bayncore is all about Expertise, for this reason the consulting team doesn’t include Juniors in its ranks, but only seasoned professionals with significant and diverse experiences of real world HPC, Technical Computing and Big Data business requirements, from pure programming and optimisation of code to architectures and systems.

Bayncore Limited is registered in England and Wales Nbr 09109459